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How To Start A Business With No Money

One of my main takes of this video is that you just have to get started. A lot of would be entrepreneurs never get started for one reason or another. No cash No time No “valid” idea No help You name it… they accept it. But in all reality.. it’s called fear of success. Just…

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Why Computer Repair May Be the Best Computer Business

When you have a car and it breaks down, you generally know where to bring it and you know that you can get fairly reliable service. But when your computer breaks down, most people simply don’t know what to do, and with so few people having a lot of extra money in their savings to…

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Why Start a Computer Business Opportunity

Today more than ever… owning a computer business can be one of the most lucrative opportunities that you will find anywhere. The emergence of the computer age has given new meaning to being self employed. If you have a computer at home, you now have a boatload of opportunities to make an extra income. You…

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