Autoblogging Can Earn You Extra Money

autobloggingBlogs and autoblogging are two fairly new ideas that have taken the internet world by storm so if you’re looking for a way to earn extra money online, you may want to consider this option.
You’re probably basically familiar with the basic blog. This involves starting a blog and then working on it regularly to keep the site updated. With this option, you have to keep your content fresh so that it will attract visitors which requires a huge amount of time and effort. So, even if you have this time, why not try the other option and start an autoblog?

The idea behind autoblogging is simply that you start a blog and then automate the process of posting new content. Instead of creating content, the blog will be updated continuously using RSS feeds that have been pulled from other sites. All that you need to do is visit the site every few days to make sure that it’s working. Continue reading to learn how to set it up and start making extra money.

Find a Hosting Account

There are a variety of hosting companies you can choose. You’ll need to think about how much bandwidth you’ll need and and how many blogs that you want to start. If you’d like to start several, then look for accounts that offer packages of multiple domain names as well as bandwidth into a shared account. This will be the best value.

Choose a Domain

Choosing a great domain is an important aspect, especially for autoblogs. Ensure that the name you choose contains all the keywords which are related to what you’re marketing. Whether it’s a .com, .us, or .biz, ensure that the name is full of keywords since this will help your site rank higher in search engines.

Build the Autoblog

There are a variety of blogging software to use, but WordPress is probably one of the most simple and top notch. Most hosting companies also make it easy for you to start your blog by adding WordPress to the account and have it installed automatically. You can even download it from their website and install it as directed.

You’ll need some plugins to make your site functional and all of these can be pulled from WordPress or any other site you choose. The three main ones to use are XML sitemaps, Twitter Poster, and All in One SEO. These three help to get your site noticed faster, increase your links and visitors, and help with rankings. Find the Settings link and then go to the Permalinks setting and update them since the default settings are not usually SEO friendly. Update them now to show your chosen keywords featured in the permalink title.

Use RSS Feeds for New Content

This is probably the most important part of your autoblog technique and it should be approached carefully or else all of your efforts will be less effective. First, research high quality as well as unique RSS feeds which aren’t already highly popularized on the internet. Spending some time with in-depth research will provide you with the best results. If you’re searching, ignore results that are posted on the first 2 pages and target the quality content that you come across further on.

Add RSS Feeds to the Autoblog

Import the RSS feeds using your software and plugins. You can use the free plugins, but it may be easier if you spend a little extra and get better software to important the feeds. The small amount of money that you spend should be gotten back through the site.

Earn Extra Money

There are two simple ways to make money through this autoblog. The first one involves adding Google Adsense banners to your pages and then letting Google determine which advertisements will be displayed. You can make some extra money this way, but the second technique usually offers better returns. This is where you find viable products or offers that are of value to people visiting your site. You can then market them on your blog by using text advertising, banners, or both. However, you may want to start with Google Adsense so that you can the idea of which types of ads are being run and then transition to the second method later on. These key steps will help you get started autoblogging and help earn a healthy income from home.

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