How to Start a Computer Business by Doing Data Entry

When you think of data entry, you probably think of the olden days when rows of women sat at typewriters or computers, but there is still a need for data entry today, in fact now more than ever. The simple truth is that fewer and fewer people are learning how to type properly and because of this, there is a huge market out there for anyone who really knows their way around a keyboard, and it is an easy way to start a computer business.

If you have a computer and an Internet connection, you have pretty much all you need to start a computer business doing data entry. Whether you can type 50 words per minute or up near 100 words per minute, there is still money to be made – although you make a lot more money the faster you type!

Another skill that many people no longer have any more is “ten-key” data entry. The ability to input numbers at break-neck speed is in huge demand, and if you can type fast and use a ten-key pad, there is almost no limit to how busy you can be when you start a computer business as a data entry clerk.

Once you have brushed up on your skills and feel confident that you can type fast enough to make it worth your while, you need to start looking for people or companies that need work done. There are several very reputable freelance agencies, such as, that put people like you in touch with people who need work done. You can negotiate your own price, do the job on your own terms and get paid electronically.

The pricing structure for data entry work really depends on the amount of work and the content. If you are going to be inputting highly technical information, then you may want to charge more. Some clients will want you to transcribe from tapes, while others will want you to copy information that you find online on your own. The types of jobs that are available to data entry freelancers are virtually limitless and that is one of the things that make this job so much fun – there is a lot of variety.

If you are going to start a computer business online of any kind, it is a good idea to have a PayPal account so that you can receive funds from your customers. This is a free account and you can both send and receive money from people all over the world.

Starting a business by doing data entry may sound sort of old-fashioned, but there is a growing need for people who can type quickly and accurately and turn work around on time. If you are a reliable person and don’t mind spending a lot of time on the computer, then this is a very good way to make a lot of money. You can do it in your spare time, in the evenings and on weekends, or you can choose to make it your full-time job. There are many full-time freelance data entry workers making very good livings.



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