How To Make An Income Online Using Cafepress

One of the best things about the internet is that there are several different methods you can use to make money online. One such method is CafePress.

It’s an exciting business to be in and in this article, you’re going to discover exactly how you can profit from it by sticking to a simple, easy to follow formula.

With that said, let’s dive right in…


CafePress, The Company

CafePress is a popular firm that creates a wide range of print-on-demand (also known as POD) products such as t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, wall art, tote bags and much much more. They’ve been in the massively profitable personalized gift niche for a while now and have become one of the most successful heavyweights in this market.

The Process – How It Works

When you sign up with CafePress, you’ll be able to design an array of digital images, link them to any item of your choice and then display the finished articles in your storefront (your own little shop space on the internet). Your products will also feature in the results page when someone performs a search on the website.

After a customer places an order, CafePress handles everything from making the piece to collecting the payment on your behalf and shipping the completed product to the buyer. You don’t have to worry about after-sales support, sales tax, returns or international shipping – all you’ve got to do is simply cash the check you’re sent at the end of every month.

Pretty neat, right?

Alright, now for that all-important question…

How Much Do You Earn?

CafePress has set a standard base price for each item. When a consumer purchases one of your creations via the search results, you receive approximately 10% of the retail price paid by them. On the other hand, if they buy something directly through your store, you’re entitled to the full mark-up you’ve specified at the time of setting up the product. You also have the opportunity to earn attractive bonuses, based on the volume of sales you generate.

Creating Your Storefront Is Easy As 1-2-3

You can select between the FREE version (Basic Shop) or go for the paid option (Premium Shop) which costs you nearly $5 a month. While the latter provides you with more flexibility and plenty of extra features to play around with, the former is perfectly fine if you’re just starting out. You’re allowed to showcase 250 units on a single-page shop, with the option to set up multiple stores at zero cost, if you wish to do so.

Here’s The Best Way To Get Your Cafepress Business Off To A Flying Start

Step 1

Zone In On A Hot Niche

The key to earning a good income with a CF shop is to target a lucrative sub-niche such as birthday mugs for husband or wall art for bedroom. Riding the wave of trending topics that are generating a lot of buzz in the media is also a good idea. For instance, if the elections are around the corner, you could create designs based on all of the popular candidates. Similarly, if a huge international sporting event is coming up, you could capitalize on the publicity surrounding it.

The bottom line?

Choose red hot niches that attract plenty of interest both online and offline. Here are several quick and easy methods you can use to nail down buzzworthy trends and topics:

1. Take advantage of Google Trends (
2. Scope out the competition (
3. Read the papers, watch the news and browse through the best selling blogs or magazines in your niche
4. Check out what’s trending on Facebook and Twitter

Step 2

Create Tons Of Quality, Eye-catching Designs

Some of the tools that are perfect for creating top notch graphics and designs include Corel, Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro and Gimp. You may also come up with a design using the clip art and text/shape tools in your CF control panel.

Furthermore, any picture you upload should be between 100 and 300 dots per inch (dpi) and in either .PNG or .JPG format. Nevertheless, an image resolution guide is available for each product, so should you run into any difficulties, you can always refer to it and make the necessary amendments.

You’ve also got to ensure the image matches the item you’re uploading. So if your product calls for a square-shaped image, you want to adjust the size accordingly. Bear in mind that unprofessional designs can have a negative impact on a potential customer and this may lead them to assume that the other units you have on sale are also mediocre. And this is something you certainly wouldn’t want happening, would you?

So make sure all of your designs are excellent, attractive and well-formatted.

Step 3

Promote Your Designs

Once everything’s been uploaded, it’s time to unveil your brand new shop to hordes of eager customers. The problem of course is that they may not know it even exists! Well, here’s what you can do to get the word out about the coolest CafePress store on the block:

1. Create a Facebook Page and invite fans to ‘like’ it. Run contests, organize competitions and highlight discount days to publicize your products and encourage folks to check them out.

2. Publish press releases on major press release distribution sites such as, and

3. Take advantage of the newsletter feature in your control panel to send out regular updates/announcements to customers about new releases and limited-time special offers.

4. Actively participate in heavily-trafficked forums and blogs related to your target niche. Avoid heavy promotion of your store though – keep it subtle.

5. Throw in some offline marketing tactics as well – for example, you could distribute leaflets in your local area.

6. Place an ad on Craiglist and other well known online classified sites.

7. Use paid advertising – Facebook ads are great for this purpose.
8. Create a profile on Pinterest – it’s ideal for promoting your best creations.

In Conclusion

Generating an extra stream of income with a CafePress store all boils down to three things – your creativity, your marketing strategies and your determination to make it work. Do it right and you’re practically guaranteed to experience success. If you want to make SURE that you do it right… CLICK HERE. At that link you will find 3 benefits of Cafepress and two other similar stores.. and


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