Proofreading As A Home Business Opportunity

Having to supply quality papers out at this age of time with such limited time has been very hard for many organizations to do, whether if it’s for the state, media houses, schools, students or even business institutions. However, with the work load increasing and limited time to meet the new deadlines, most don’t have time to go back and re-read the articles or books written. Thus they look to hire such services out. However if you are in search of some extra money proofreading may just be the thing to give you that, as it does not involve a lot of man power hours.

Proofreading is whereby you re-read an article already written, so as to check on any errors that might be done during writing of the work. After locating them you go ahead to correct them accordingly to make an ideal piece of work once completed.
To be a proof reader you need to have the most important things, that is a computer device, knowledge and the work you are supposed to proofread as it would be futile without them.

What does proofreading involve?

Proofreading is more than looking around the article for repeated words or bad punctuation marks. It needs a lot of focus and expertise as it involves, looking for accuracy in text, ensuring that it is fragmented in the right way, and its presentation is up to per as what is expected. This is by using your own judgment to establish the kind of communication intended by the author to their audience. Ensure you check on table of contents and page numbers to see if they follow each other accordingly. Also you have to ensure that the same type of writing style is used consistently as the author had indicated. Make certain that the layout of the work is professional and presentable in all aspects. Lastly you have to check if the content makes sense and if not ask the author on way forward.

How to search for work of proofreading

There are numerous companies online that usually offer such work to those seeking out to do the work. But in order to get the work you have to first right a compelling résumé to be considered for the job, write down your qualifications and which languages you are conversant with. If you have any experience, do jot it down and put down the company you were working with as a referral. However you have the option of also marketing yourself as a freelancer, this will not only have your name on the good work you will be accomplishing but you will also work at your own free time. However, there are some organizations that need higher qualifications than others in order to get the job, A good example being that working as a freelancer, you may just need to show proof in the form of work done before to get work, but this may not be the case of a media house which will need you to have a college degree in order to work.

What to do after proofreading

If you have an assistant or a friend you can easily ask them to go through the work you have corrected, to ensure it does make sense. However if you are all alone take a rest and give your mind some time to relax before you read it again, this will help you to see mistakes that you would not be able to detect if and when you are tired.

However before you proofread there are a number of things you should do such as: looking in the whole text reading it and removing all the unnecessary words from it to make it. Ensure that the right terms are used, depending on the audience the article is for, as not to confuse them but let the content get to them as it is expected.

What to look for when proofreading

When you start to look out for the mistakes in the articles, start by reading the sentences out loud, this will enable you detect the run- on sentences. Ensure that you stop to breathe the place you see a full stop and to pause momentarily where you find a comma so as to be effect, which you would probably won’t be if you read quietly. However you should consider printing out the document you are proofreading, and cover up the sentences you have already finished up with. This will not only help you not to jump on some lines, you will also be able to see other mistakes that are usually easily detectable from a print out. In addition you will also know where to begin from if you had stopped for a break. If you prefer to use your computer to locate the mistakes, you may even find it easier as there is a number of software’s available in the market that do help. However the most common tool you can use is the Microsoft word which basically has some functions that tell you when things are not going on fine. You can also easily change, replace and find some texts in the documents with just the touch of button.

What you cannot do as a proofreader

As a proofreader you have the freedom to change many things within a document, however changing the citations made within the article should be left to the author as it is their work. In addition to that the design for the work should only be changed by a specialist in that in that field and not by you. You may also change a number of words. However, when it comes to editing out of whole paragraphs permission should be first asked from the author of the work.

With you knowing what to look for and in what ways to go about doing the work you might as well start looking for the work. At first it might seem like a lot of work but one usually gets used to it after a while and later finds it easy. However, having the heart and the patience to do the work is what you really need to do proofreading, knowing a wide array of vocabulary will not be sufficient. You have to be able to deliver reliable work portraying clearly the ideas of the author. You also have to be able to follow the ideas of the client to the letter, whether you like the idea or not and in the end you will be get to have that extra cash.

Can I really perform as a proofreader?

How can you tell if you may be a good candidate to be a proofreader? Well as I wrote this article, I purposely made a few “errors”. If while reading this article you came across some of my mistakes… you might consider a proofreader as a viable computer business opportunity.



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