Stenography: A Great Home Computer Business

Most of us have seen those courtroom dramas where a stenographer sits in the middle of a courtroom and types into a strange, little machine. That person is a stenographer, and although computers and audio and video recordings would seeming to have put her out of business, there is still a huge demand for someone who is skilled in stenography.

Stenography as a home computer business is one way that you can use your home computer and internet connection to make money at home. You don’t have to have a traditional stenograph – in fact, most stenographers use computers these days. You also don’t have to sit in a courtroom. You can listen to recordings and transcribe them, all the while sitting in the comfort of your own home and making money from your home computer business.

The skills that are necessary for this type of work are few. Of course you need to be able to type, and the quicker you can type, the more money you will make. Your typing needs to be accurate, and you need to be a good listener. If you have specialized knowledge such as that needed for a medical transcriptionist, then you will be able to make even more money.

Finding work in stenography might seem like a difficult thing, but there are freelance websites that can actually provide you with work as you start your home computer business. By signing up as a freelancer or provider, you can then bid on jobs. The cost to you is minimal, and in some cases, it is completely free. There are many of these websites available, and you should sign up for at least a few of them.

You can also contact potential clients directly who you think could use your services. If you are specializing in one particular area, such as medical or law, then start out by sending e-mails to these clients. They will appreciate having someone like you on the other end of their e-mail in case an emergency comes up, and you just never know when one of these will turn into your biggest client.

If you are working with online clients all over the world as opposed to those in your own home town, you might want to set up a PayPal account so that you can bill clients and refund your payments if necessary. It makes getting paid a lot quicker and easier, and it also helps you keep better track of your earnings for tax purposes. These days, most clients feel comfortable paying securely via PayPal, and you can have instant access to the money via a debit card or have the money sent directly into your own checking account.

Most stenographers find that once they have completed one or two jobs for a client, they keep coming back for more and their home computer business is underway. You may find that you only have a small, select group of clients for whom you regularly work, and that really is the key to starting a successful online business. Regular clients, quality work and quick turn-around will always help you make more money.


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