Writing Blogs To Make Extra Cash

writing blogsWriting blogs is a good way to earn money at the comfort of your home. Many people have gained prominence and fame and earn good money from their blogs. All you need to start blogging is your computer, reliable internet, and basic computer skills. In addition you need to be hardworking, and patient. Earning from blog writing won’t happen overnight but the hardwork and patience is normally all worth it.


Writing a blog is a fun way to make money doing what you love at your own schedule. There are different ways you can earn an income from writing blogs. Below is a guide on how to get started, and how to write your blog for success, and more revenue.

Getting started Writing Blogs

Do your homework- Before you get started, do extensive research on blog writing, tips on how to write great blogs, ways to drive traffic to your blog, how to write blogs for money etc. Learn as much as you can about writing blogs, there are thousands of resources online you can use to learn more about success in blogging for money

Choose your niche- Once you have learnt everything there is to learn about blogging, you need to decide on the niche you want to write about. Choose a topic that you are passionate about and has the potential to earn you an income. You can choose a topic that is not flooded or choose a popular niche and set yourself apart from other bloggers. Look at other blogs in the same niche and see what you can do differently to set yours apart.

Creating your blog- The next step is creating your blog. Decide on the blogging service you will use. For starters consider using a free service such as wordpress, Blogger.com, or Tumblr.com before moving to self-hosting. Free hosting services are great for beginners with no web design skills.

Consider self-hosting- Once you are familiar with creating and customizing a blog, consider self-hosting your blog. Free blogging services have their limitations, especially if you want to monetize your blog. With self-hosting you can choose and pay for the best features to increase your earnings.

Creating and customizing your blog- If you are using a free hosting service, there will be instructions to help you create and customize your blog. If you have advanced web design skills, create and customize your blog according to your preferences. After creating your blog, the next step is writing content. Based on your niche, update your blog regularly with valuable SEO friendly content. Search Engine Optimization is creating content that has the right key phrases to help users find you on search engines. The more SEO friendly your blog is, the more traffic you will drive and the more revenue.

10 tips on writing blogs for success

1. Market your blog- After creating your blog, market it to the right audience to drive traffic. You can use social media, email, or other blogs to market your blog.

2. Make it SEO friendly- As mentioned above, the more use- friendly your website is the more traffic you will attract. Update your blog with valuable and current content. Use related key phrases to help your blog rank high on search engines.

3. Write great blog posts- The key to having readers interested in your blog is writing engaging, interesting and valuable content.

4. Target the right audience- Make sure that you are targeting the right market. For instance if your blog is about women fashion, you obviously need to target women. Research your target audience and market your blog accordingly.

5. Increase traffic to your blog- The more traffic to your blog, the more views and consequently the more revenue. You can increase traffic to your blog by writing great content, asking for feedback, and giving give-aways such as eBooks, etc..

6. Ask for feedback- As a blogger, reader feedback is very important. Request your visitors to leave comments about a particular topic. You can also request them to like you on Facebook or follow you on twitter to get more articles or to talk to you directly.

7. Follow other bloggers and blogs for cross linking- Research other bloggers in your niche and read their blogs. Reading other blogs will help you keep up-to-date, in addition you can learn how to make your blogs better by exploiting an area or topic that isn’t well covered by your competitors.

How to earn money writing blogs

· Write for other people- Businesses have realized the need to have blogs to market and sell their brand. You can offer blog writing services and charge a fee to write, update and maintain different blogs.

· AdSense- When it comes to monetizing your blog, Google AdSense is very popular among many bloggers. With AdSense, you just create an account with Google AdSense, and advertise on your blog. You earn money by copy and pasting certain codes on your blog to advertise a business or service.

· Affiliate marketing- This involves selling or marketing other people’s services. A merchant will provide you with a link to their website. You earn a commission each time a user makes a purchase following that link.

· Selling merchandise- You can sell your eBook, iPhone apps, jewellery, clothes, laptops, weight loss products, the list is endless, depending on your niche of course.

· Marketing your writing services- You can use your blog to market your writing services to businesses. If you are providing writing, editing, proofreading service, you can use your blog to market your services to a larger audience.

· Private sales and sponsorships- Once your blog has gained popularity, you can market a business’s products through your blog. Unlike AdSense, in private sales, you need to convince individual businesses to market or sell their products or services trough your blog for a fee.

· Speaking and personal appearances – This is after your blog has gained prominence. You can charge a fee to provide speaking appearances at conferences to talk about your industry, blogging etc. Once you have established yourself as an expert in your industry, people will be willing to pay you heftily for advice or tips.


Writing blogs provides a fun way to make money at the comfort of your home. Engage, offer value, and provide timely feedback to your audience. Earning revenue from writing blogs may take time, but after your hard work and patience, you can earn money for a long time from your blog.

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